Thursday, April 1, 2010

Now For Something Completely Different!

While I lay around and try to build a wall as a base for a shed in my backyard thereby avoiding getting pictures of my new little cub up, I'd like to drop an entry into the "Asshat of the Day" bin.

I hopped on to do a quick random, and finding no guildmates on I went ahead and hopped in as a tank.  The loading screen dropped me into an Utgarde Keep... one that had just barely started already, as they had cleared the group just at the top of the stairs inside the door.  There was a Shaman healing, a hunter, a warrior, and one other (sorry, I can't remember clearly) DPS, and me the big bear.

We said hello and started moving.  I pulled one guy because I could time it right, then pulled one of the two groups.  A little mishap in rage generation left me out at the end of that fight, and my enrage down... and the warrior pulled the next group.  Hoping he was just a little overeager, I waded in and we downed the group with no problems... but while still looting the bodies, he pulled the next two guys.

He then proceeded to pull the first group with a Forge Master before I was even close enough to FFF.

It was at this point that I said, and I quote, "Please stop pulling for me, k thx."  I got no response, but I hoped I had gotten the message across.

Up through the proto-drakes everything went mostly fine, although he continually pushed the edge of what I was doing.  The first group through the door on the far side, though, he just couldn't wait and charged in before I did... but barely, so I just went with it.

We came into the Prince's room, and I moved forward enough to FFF one of the four Vyr'kul in the room, and then I backed up to wait for them to come to me and ensure we didn't accidentally aggro the boss.  This, however, was apparently too slow of a tactic for the warrior, who charged in to the middle of them as I was still moving backward to pull them further.

It was at this point that I decided it was time to invoke the, "You pull it, you tank it" maxim.

After this champ keeled over dead (I apologize if the healer was actually trying to keep him up; the healer was (I think) the lowest-geared character on the run), I charged in and grabbed all of them.  I took my sweet time to make sure we had gotten all of our loot, and then I rezzed his sorry butt.

His response?  "Now you've pissed me off."

I actually think he tried to pull aggro from me for the rest of the run.  Not sure if he taunted or not, I just did my thing and never lost aggro on anything that mattered.  I outgeared him by a fairly significant margin, so I don't think he *could* have taken aggro from me without taunting.  He continually toed the line of charging in before me, apparently trying to time it so that I was already hitting the button when he charged, and on a couple of the less-threatening baddies he did even go in first, and I let him take the things he hit.  If I'd have had more time I'd have let him die another time or two just to make my point, but I was in a hurry and he never did anything incredibly out of line (like charge a boss...) so I went with it.

Let me be clear, folks, when I'm tanking heroics, I may not be the fastest tank out there, but I don't mess around.  I stop after kills only long enough to loot and double-check my healer's mana, and I move again.  If that's not fast enough for you, be ready for a repair bill, and don't get pissed off at me for it, because its your own damned fault.

Amoroso of Malfurion, you are the asshat of the day.


  1. Good callout. Asshats like this are unacceptable. I was hoping that you would say that you were able to let him die a couple more times, but I totally understand the time issue. Thankfully you overgeared him, or it could have been much more painful for you from a threat standpoint. Perhaps that's why the first tank left...

    Good luck with the new baby, btw! :)

  2. And highly deserving of the title he sounds!