Friday, January 14, 2011


I've kind of fallen off the map since October...   I mean, it's winter, I'm a Bear, I'm supposed to hibernate, right?

Real life reared its ugly head (lots and lots of family commitments, amongst other things), combine that with a bit of apathy at our failure to take down Arthas before the end of the expansion (well, our 25-man failure anyway... our primary 10-man group that ran at times I couldn't be available did succeed), and that apathy making me slow to worry about levelling in the new expansion, lots more family commitments, the taking up of StarCraft 2 (blasphemy, I know, to play a non-WoW game...), a few more family commitments, and getting ready to take a nice vacation to the southern Caribbean (which is, in part, another family commitment...) and I've been just a wee bit busy.

I hit 84 this week, and hope to have 85 down over the weekend, and start into heroics either next week or the week I'm back from vacation.

And at some point, I'll work on the posts I have started, or maybe come up with some new ones!

So... it might be a bit, but you should start to see me a little active again...

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season!

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