Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Best PuG Healer I Ever Had...

... was an elemental shaman.

I kid you not, I hopped on to do a random, got dropped into Halls of Lightning.

We buffed, said g'morning (with some requisite complaining about not having enough coffee,) and off we went.  I was in a (small) hurry, I didn't pay much attention other than the fact that the Shaman was my healer.

We cleared through General Whatshisname (killed him in record time for me, according to my DBM) and I took it slow through the Slag, expecting my slow pace to allow the DPS to kill them slowly and thus have no one die to mass Slag death.  Unfortunately, the rest of the group didn't pick up on it and two of them went down on the steps on the far side when a bunch of the mobs died.

We rezzed and moved on.  I was glancing at Recount and not picking up on the fact that there were really 5 bars on my damage done meter, all showing greater than 2.5k DPS.  We smashed through the brittle golem dude (Volkan?  I can never remember, and again in record time), and into the halls of random-spawning-dudes.  It was about halfway through here that I noticed the blue bar was on top of the damage done meter.  The BLUE bar.  The Shaman bar.  The Shaman that was the healer's bar.  Not only was she topping damage done, but she was 200 dps above the next highest player.

I got a record time on Mr. Lightning-Disperse too.  He was almost dead when he reformed.  Do I even need to mention the record time on Loken?  She ended up just 100 DPS behind the leader, presumably because she actually did have to heal at some point.

Of course most of us were overgeared, but it's still a little ballsy to run Elemental as the group healer.

Llivia, I salute you.

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