Friday, March 5, 2010

Progress Once Again!

I have no time to write!

The impending birth of my first child and pressure to finish my project at work mean that I can't spend a lot of time commenting on blogs or writing my own posts!


I have just enough time this morning to report that Epic Adventurers has finally defeated Deathbringer Saurfang in his 25-man incarnation!

We made it to him this past Wednesday with enough time for 3-4 shots before we would have to stop for the night.

Our first attempt got him down to 18%.  Our second, we were doing fairly well until he decided to start picking on our healers with Mark of the Fallen Champion, and even then, we got him down to TWO PERCENT before we were overwhelmed.

One of our hunters had to leave, and we replaced with a Shaman.  The third attempt of the night was the charm - we got spammed by achievements... and then got spammed by a guildmate, whose addon congratulates guildmates for achievements.

A couple quick notes - we ran 2 tanks and 6 healers for the fight.  I can't speak for any of our other healers, but personally, until the first set of beasts came out and for quite a few of the gaps in between beasts, I was dropping out of tree and using Moonfire and Starfire to help out with the DPS on Saurfang himself.  Actually, for about to first 50-60% of his health, I was healing only minimally, when the beasts came out.  We simply didn't need 6 healers at that point.  Believe me, every little bit helps when you're struggling on that fight.  It was about the 2nd or 3rd Mark that I had to stay in tree form almost exclusively.

There was much rejoicing!

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  1. Congrats on the first Saurfang kill!

    I completely agree about the lack of healing needed for the first half of the fight. I find that running with only 5 healers is a good way to go for this fight. With an extra dps you can get him down faster and avoid getting too many Marks.