Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Look at Tier 10 Set Bonuses for Trees

Following up on the T10 set bonus for bears post, another short one to cover trees...

Thanks to the kind folks over at the Daily Druid for the current T10 set bonuses from the PTR...  For reference here are all of them:

Druid T10 Restoration

  • 2P Bonus – The healing granted by your Wild Growth spell reduces 0% less over time.
  • 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation) – Each time your Rejuvenation spell heals a target, it has a 2% chance to jump to a new target at full duration.
Druid T10 Balance
  • 2P Bonus – When you gain Clearcasting from your Omen of Clarity talent, you deal 10% additional Nature and Arcane damage for 6 sec.
  • 4P Bonus – Reduces the cooldown on your Eclipse talent by 6 seconds.
Druid T10 Feral
  • 2P Bonus – Your Swipe (Bear) and Lacerate abilities deal 20% additional damage and the cost of your Rip ability is reduced by 10 energy.
  • 4P Bonus – Your Enrage ability no longer decreases your armor and instead decreases all damage taken by 12%, and the periodic damage done by your Rake ability can now be a critical strike.
I really like the 2-piece bonus... I think.  I'll get to that.  If you've taken a look at the start of my primer on tree healing, you know I'm a big fan of Wild Growth.  One of its quirks - its actually more of an upside, in my opinion, than a downside - is that it applies a lot of its healing early, then tapers off over time.  If I'm reading this correctly, this bonus actually increases the healing done by Wild Growth by making it stay at its maximum healing amount.  That's a pretty solid upgrade to this already amazing spell.  If this is wrong - if it just evens out the healing done by Wild Growth - I think it actually weakens the spell, if not by much.  So, I like this bonus... I think.

I also like the 4-piece bonus, but I'm not really sure how great it will be.  Certainly, in 25-man raids it will have the greatest strength, as you'll be throwing more Rejuvenations out there.  With 6 ticks for a properly talented Rejuvenation, it will take roughly 8 full duration Rejuvs to get a jump, on average.  That's a lot of investment for a free Rejuvenation.  Then again, with all the healing that flies around in raids, maybe you'll get more than you realize, and I'm always a proponent of more random free healing.  If it's a smart jump - it jumps to people needing heals more, or only to people that don't already have Rejuv ticking on them - this gets better, but I don't have enough information yet to rule clearly on how powerful I think this is.  Free healing is always good, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Tune in soon for more on bears, trees, and everything Druidic!

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