Monday, November 2, 2009

Some thoughts on healing assignments

For those out there who are raid leaders, how do you make healing assignments?  Do you base it purely on Recount's healing meter?  Do you base it on the class of the healer?  Do you factor in a healer's individual spec (for, say priests?) or do you bother yourself with asking the healer how his or her gear is arranged?

I would suppose that some combination therein is the best way to do it, but I'm curious how folks generally do it.  I haven't led enough raids myself to have a perfectly clear understanding of how difficult it is to bother with any of it, but I can tell you for a certainty that it can make a difference.

Most of my tree gear was patched together before the last couple rounds of lifebloom nerfs.  As such I have the lifebloom idol, and my spec is geared a bit towards lifebloom and rejuvenation rather than nourish and/or healing touch.  This means that I'm going to do much better with my healing output if I'm healing a tank.  With the nerfs, that's the only way lifebloom is really that incredibly useful.  I'm going to be switching to the rejuvenation idol (234 free spellpower seems nice mmkay?), but until then I'd much prefer to be healing a tank than general raid healing.

Druids make pretty darned good raid healers.  The only reason Wild Growth isn't completely unadulterated awesome is the 15 yd range limitation on the smart splash heal.  Rejuvenation runs fairly long, heals for a reasonably large amount, and is a low enough cost to be effective at healing a fairly large chunk of a raid.

But if the druid's focus is nourish or lifebloom, do you want to put them on raid-wide responsibility?

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