Friday, January 15, 2010


So I've bought some Heirloom gear and been working on my getting my highest level alt to somewhere near respectability lately.

The difference in levelling speed is ridiculous.

Now, I haven't been levelling by using the LFD tool - I'm a little leery of trying to do so at this point - but as I get going I just might start doing so.

But Alrom is my level 69 Paladin (at least for today!) and I've been coming up as a Retribution spec.  Fairly soon, though, I'll be faced with a decision...

What do I want to do in the end game, with my first alt?

Do I want to stick with the Tank and Heals method of my main?  Or do I want to have a DPS or PvP spec to play with?

So I pose this question to any readers that wind their way over here.  What do you do with your alts?  Do you try different roles, do you play the PvP or PvE game that you don't on your main?  Or do you stick with your favorites and play the same game?

Personally I suspect I'll keep Ret as my main spec and Prot or Holy as off.  But that's just me and it's a little selfish reasons why - I like tanking and healing and I also like short LFD queue times...


  1. I stick to strictly "off-spec" on my alts. I never, ever, play an alt of the same role as my main since I've had "raid burnout" before. Now with my bear I strictly only tank one daily random for frosts, and then guild raids. If you start tanking on both your main and alt you'll burn out (probably)

  2. My main purpose in having alts is to get to try a variety of roles. My main is melee dps, my other 80 alt is ranged dps and heals. The other alts I have coming up I plan on doing tanking/heals and ranged dps/heals. I have a strange desire to have a healer of every class, since it's one of my favorite things to do and they all have their own strengths. I'm an altoholic in case you can't tell :). I don't expect to be great at everything, but I want to understand other classes and roles because I think it gives me a better perspective on working as a team.

    I think with a hybrid it's nice to have one DPS role, and one more "needed" role to be as flexible as possible (and have short LFD queues available). If you like PVP that is certainly another way to go, especially since you already have tanking and healing covered on your main.

  3. It's interesting to me that I've realized how much I enjoy the versatility of the druid... and then I realized that my first alt is one that enjoys a similar level of flexibility... the only other class in the game that can truly perform all three roles.

    My next alt after that (if not for the DK that got inserted there awhile back) is a mage... which, since I don't have ranged DPS amongst the other top characters I have (because I haven't done boomkin) would give me the full range.

    I'm pretty sure I'll stick with DPS on my paladin as his main spec, and since I've focused on tanking as Kaethir's main spec I may try to focus on heals as Alrom's offspec.

    I just wanted to get other folks' thoughts on it because its interesting to me what folks thoughts are on it. I know a couple of folks that have levelled 2 80 druids. I almost want to, lol, to have access to a kitty/boomkin spec.