Monday, January 4, 2010

Frost Emblem Accessories


I've changed my mind a bit about the importance of the Corroded Skeleton Key.  Please see this post for details.


As a followup to Tier 10 and the Bear, I'd like to take a quick look at what is available from an Accessories standpoint for bears.  There's not a lot so this should go quick!


Corroded Skeleton Key
Stats: +228 Sta, Use: Absorbs 3200 damage, lasts 20 sec.
Cost: 60 Emblem of Frost

Great trinket, gives a purchasable upgrade from the Coren Direbrew stamina trinkets.  Meh-inducing use ability, but better again that the Direbrew ones.  Will purchase sometime in the middle of my planned leather item upgrades.  The issue at hand is that the only significant increase is in stamina, which will only help in that it will let me back off some of my two-color gems to single color because I won't need the stamina bump as much.

None of the other trinkets are worth talking about.


Idol of the Crying Moon
Stats:  Periodic damage from Rake or Lacerate causes you to gain 44 Agi for 15 seconds.  Stacks 5 times.
Cost: 30 Emblem of Frost

I like this item a LOT.  I'll take 220 Agi over the 135 from Idol of the Corruptor or 200 dodge rating from the Idol of Mutilation any day.  I'm probably going to insert the combination of this and the trinket (90 badges) at the top of my list, ahead of my leather items, as the next leather item on my list is 95 badges.


There are a few options here which seem promising, but probably only one we want.  Each of them costs 50 Emblem of Frost.  Here they are:

Might of the Ocean Serpent
Stats: 177 a, 95 Str, 103 Sta, Y socket, 45 exp, 65 ArP

Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
Stats: 177 a, 90 Agi, 90 Sta, B socket, 60 crit, 105 AP, 52 ArP

Sentinel's Winter Cloak
Stats: 737 a, 90 Str, 124 Sta, Y socket, 48 def, 48 dodge

At first, I thought this was a slam dunk, but on second thought I'm not quite as certain.  I like the Might's expertise, but it is otherwise inferior to the Cloak.  We'll rule that out.  The Cloak nets you 139 Sta (assuming 15 from a 2-color gem), while the Cape nets you only 120 (assuming 30 from the socket).  I like the dodge rating, but 90 Agi will net you more dodge than that 48 dodge rating.  560 more armor is nice, but it's not affected by our multiplier.  I don't think either one is a bad choice, but I think I may be going for the Cape rather than the Cloak.

There are no rings or neck items available via Frost Emblems.  Given my current items, the cloak will probably come after I've manage to upgrade most of my leather items.

The tree post is coming soon!

Abbreviations Glossary:

a: armor
AP: Attack Power
ArP: Armor Penetration
exp: expertise

Stat Abbreviations:
Agi: Agility
Sta: Stamina
Str: Strength

Socket Abbreviations:
B: Blue
M: Meta
R: Red
Y: Yellow

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