Monday, February 22, 2010

So close!

By chance I got picked up by a guild group going in to Gundrak over the weekend to try to get Less-rabi.  It only took us 2 tries, and since I have such a wonderful guild they also helped me pick up Share the Love, and that leaves me just 2 achievements away from Glory of the Hero.  It also gave me the opportunity to honor the Elder in Gun'drak, and I took a few minutes to pick up the last few Elders around Northrend, leaving me just 4 dungeon Elders from the meta.

A quick note on Less-rabi!...

Most of the strategies I read for it were designed before everybody overgeared the instances so completely.  It is now doable with just 3 interrupts (maybe less) if you have a suitably geared party.  We did it with one Bash, one interrupt from a DK, and one Kick from our rogue, and he was dead before he could try to cast again.  It's still a rough achievement, because that last interrupt needs to be ON THE BALL, the cast time is so short that if you are mid-GCD when it comes you will not successfully stop it.

Hopefully, within a couple of weeks, I will have the opportunity to go get Respect Your Elders and My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time, for my ugly new mount.  And once I pick up those four Elders, I will have completed 3 of the meta achievements needed for the uber-meta and the 310% speed mount.  Hopefully they won't do something silly and remove that.

Nothing really interesting to report otherwise, I'm still mulling over my options with respect to specs.

Blarg.  I am ded.

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