Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And then there were two...

Two bosses between EA and the Lich King.

After a few false starts, tonight the Blood Queen fell to the might of the Epic Adventurers!!

We had wipes at 6m HP left, 4m HP left, and 2m HP left (as well as a couple of "oops the first bite died"), but in the end we were successful.

Nice job everyone, now lets get Putricide and Sindy.

Edit: Now that it's morning, and my brain is caffeinated again...

In the end, of course, it all came down to execution.  No DPS deaths due to:

1. Not biting in time.
2. Biting too early (and thus messing up and running away in fear during the NEXT bite phase).
3. Not being able to bite due to location/bug/etc.
4. Standing too close when she makes it rain.
5. Standing in fire.
6. Not getting close fast enough when connected by red lines.

...and only one healer death, who was promptly rebirthed.  Our regular crew includes 4 druids; if a battle-rez will fix it, we're usually good.

The only sad part, IMO, is that even with the 30% Strength of Wrynn buff we only had 3 seconds left before her Berserk.  Sheesh.

Our 10-man progression crew has killed the Lich King, and from what they've said and what I've read, the Sindragosa and Lich King fights are even more unforgiving of mistakes than this one.  It'll be a long hard road, but I'm sure we'll get it done.


  1. Indeed, congratulations!

    And yes, we're finding Sindy rather unforgiven of our mistakes. Particularly phase 3.

    As for Blood Queen, she seems do die easier than the Princes... at least in 10-man. But only once we got very specific with our coordination. X bites Y. Then X bites A and Y bites Z. And so on...

    I haven't been able to see either in 25 mans... I can only imagine the chaos. :P

  2. Have your raid leader get vamp and assign bite orders :) it helps