Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish us luck

So I'm back from GenCon all ready to go, we downed our usual Lower Spire + Fester and Rot last night (and on only my 3rd time tanking Rotface, first time on 25, first time truly tanking the slimes!), and we're going in again tonight.  We'll probably go after the Princes and then Dreamwalker before giving the Blood Queen another shot.

Last week we wiped with her at 1% and 0.1% (She had 620 HP remaining.  Yep.) so I'm confident we'll get her tonight!  Wish us luck!


  1. Awwww! You were at GenCon too?! We could have met up :(

  2. Miss Medicina: Yep, my wife and I and our little one were there (baby's first GenCon! I can't believe I couldn't find a good geeky outfit for her :( )... We'll be back either next year or the year after... depending on vacation and finances.

    Jasyla... yes. She went berserk, and one of our paladins had bubbled and was about to Hammer her to death... and had to bite someone, losing the ability to cast the spell. Everybody was yelling "MOAR DOTS!"... it was very frustrating how close it was.

    I felt horrible - I missed a Dragon's Eye when changing a couple gems for DPS and had +51 Stamina instead of +34 Agi. I have no doubt it would have made the difference.

  3. Aww, tough luck man. Heroic or reg? With Wrynn buff or without? Using bite addon or not? Finding a good bite addon really helped with us with Blood Queen. If you like, I can get the name. Better luck next time!

  4. The Blood Queen escaped again! Drat! We were missing one of our regular tanks and one regular healer and had a couple new folks along who had to learn the fight. We did fairly well but didn't get anywhere near as close as last time.

    Regular, we're using the Wrynn buff, and we really are geared enough for it - we've had a few folks that really struggle with execution (and one who we've had to tell to white damage until the first bite because he's had so much trouble biting and he does excellent burst damage at the beginning of the fight).

    Our Raid Leader is using... Vamp? I don't know, an addon that whispers folks and puts raid target symbols over heads telling who is supposed to go bite who. Seems to work well enough.