Friday, August 27, 2010

Once Bitten, Twice Cheesy... and also, MOAR DOTS!

Ok, so I can't help myself with the cheesy achievement title ripoffs for post titles.

One week after our first ever BQL kill, we downed her again - this time I was DPSing, and picked up the Achievement for being both bitten and not.  Despite this, I was mildly disappointed in the run.  Even after we down a boss the first time, I expect the next few times we kill it to continue to be difficult, especially if we rotate in new/less geared/less skilled/whatever players.  We did wipe once, due to bite issues and an early DPS death, but the second attempt saw her down with 5s left on the enrage timer - an eternity compared to our first kill - without any real drama.  Am I being silly, thinking that it should still be a challenge for another few kills after the first?  Or perhaps for thinking that it WASN'T a challenge the second time around?  Or maybe even just for being disappointed?  I don't know.

Even so, I'm still very pleased.  We had issues with disconnects (not during the fight) and such all night, and still managed to deal with things and get the run as far as we were going to get it.

On the upside, since we hadn't got Fester and Rot the first night, we went to do them and I stayed all feline-ish and managed on Fester to place 2nd on our DPS chart.  I'm certainly pleased with myself for it - even if a couple of our heavy hitters weren't quite doing what they could, the fact that I was even in the ballpark is impressive to me.  Someone who doesn't normally DPS outside of raids, hasn't really DPSed at all in several weeks, and even then was not quite in the top rank having just started doing this a couple of months ago... yeah, I was happy.

I can't remember if I've said it before, and I'm too lazy to go looking through my archives to find out, but pretty much the most difficult thing for me to learn, to get my DPS to the next level, has been that there are times as a Feral Cat that the best thing to do is NOTHING AT ALL.

When I first started, I was unknowingly locked into the idea that the way to increase DPS was to constantly be hitting buttons - obviously, if you're doing something with your energy you're doing more DPS than if you're not, right?  And that's true... for every individual second in time.  But when you look at the whole...

It becomes a delicate balancing act between available energy, combo points, buffs, and debuffs.  It becomes very easy to mash buttons to get MOAR DPS NOW!! but then, in 10 seconds when you need to rebuild your combo points very quickly after your Savage Roar so you don't lose uptime on your Rip, you don't have the energy to Shred in quick succession to do so, and it becomes better to just sit and watch white damage - which should be, by around a 10% margin, the biggest percentage of your DPS anyway - so that when you need that burst, you have the energy to do so.

Something else that it's taken me awhile to really understand is that when the priority system says "keep up Savage Roar" at the top, it really means that we need that buff up no matter what.  Don't wait for 5 CP, don't force another ability off first, just make sure that buff stays up, because it buffs every single thing you do.  If that means hitting it with 1 CP, so be it - but understand that you're going to need to do it again fairly quickly in that situation, and be prepared for it.

To critique what I did wrong on that fight, that I could do better:

92% uptime on Savage Roar.  I spent 21 seconds of the fight without my most important self-buff.  Need to be more precise.

91.6% uptime on Rake.  22.5 seconds downtime is too much.  I also clipped this several times - poor energy efficiency.

80.1% uptime on Rip. 48 seconds downtime.  While it's expected that there will be a *little* more downtime here - you need to build up CP at the beginning of the fight for this - it's still too much downtime.  20% of the fight I didn't have it going.  Have to be careful with clipping here as well, although I've noticed that for some reason it occasionally won't let me clip it.

It's hard to tell, in retrospect, if I had proper use of Berserk and Mangle - I only used Mangle twice and we had a couple of warriors who were keeping Trauma up, and I used Berserk the maximum twice allowed by the enrage timer.  Given the warriors I probably should have skipped Mangle altogether, although it's entirely possible I just fat-fingered it a couple of times, as it's right next to Shred.

Hope that was a helpful look at things for somebody.

Anyway, I also managed to pick up a couple of pieces to keep my healing set from falling waaaay too far behind, just in case I'm ever called on to really respec for it or I decide its time to go back.  Not spending frosties on it, at least not until I have all my crafted patterns bought, but I'm still trying to keep a reasonable set together.

We didn't get a chance to go after PP - we didn't push hard for progression this week.  Next week after we down our usual crew we're looking at locking out for a second week, to get good shots at PP and Sindy in.

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